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We will also bring your prayer request to the next Catholic Underground CT holy hour so the community can pray for you.


CU CT Prayer Requests

  • I am in need of a miracle.

    I Am In Need Of Receiving A Release Of An Overflow Of Blessings And Miracles. I Am very sick and In So Much Pain; my legs and feet hurt. It Hurts So Much. I am losing my memory. I Feel So Horrible and exhausted. I Feel So Heavy And Weighed Down Like I Am Carrying Sacks Of Really Heavy Bricks. It Is Difficlut To Move Or Get Out Of Bed. I Need Relief. I Would Like Prayer God Sets Me Free. Thank You.

  • Need cure for my mom's bladder cancer.

    My 76 year old mother (Thelma) is to have a surgical cystoscopy 7/3/17 to remove suspicious growths after a positive biopsy on one that turned out to be the beginnings of cancer. Please pray her procedure goes well with no complications and that the growths they remove are benign. I don't want to lose my mom. 🙁 Can you please pray for her? Thank you for your time.

  • Need healing and protection for my dad.

    Please pray for my father (Karl). He is 76 and is to have surgery today 6/26/17 due to blocked ureters because of 3 kidney stones. He has to have two procedures. 1 micro surgery and the other two catheters put in his back to drain his kidneys. He has diabetes, is weak and has a bad heart and I am afraid of complications due to this. Especially infections. I need God's help and for him to intervene. To protect my father from death and to heal him. I am taking a step in faith and asking God to through Jesus keep the promises that his son made at the cross. Thank you reading and for your prayers.

  • Prayer Request for Kris & Kat

    For God to get Kris and Kat passed a hurdle they are facing in their relationship to get them back on the perfect track they were on. Kris especially doesn’t seem to know how to handle it. May God guide him in what to do.

    Thanks and God bless…

  • Need healing

    Please pray that Migdalia Armenteros lungs and heart be healed. Pray that her heart rate and blood pressure return to healthy normal range and stay there. Pray that she be healed of graft vs host disease. Pray that she get good news from her blood tests and the tests of her lungs and heart. Pray that God speak to her heart and her motivation to take care of herself restored.

  • justice


  • Pray for Healing, Depression and Loneliness

    I feel so depressed and I feel I am so young for that. I have a really hard time sleeping and some days when I am over loaded with work I feel like I want to die. I think I have anxiety too. I feel I want to be treated like before at work with more freedom feel like I hate my boss sometimes, and I know that is not right, so I really need prayer for that too. And for my depression to go away and to forgive big time too. I feel so awful, and like I have no purpose and so lonely.. I live by myself alone, I do.

  • Need divine help

    asking God for help in getting my probation transfer from Florida to Pennsylvania be approved this week. I miss my family and want to go home.I also asked for discernment to see what God's plan is for me. I am lost in this world and dont know what my purpose is anymore.

  • Healing

    Please pray for Eleanor's cancer.

  • Prayer Request

    For the grace of healing and reconciliation in my marriage.

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