Australia’s School Funding Explaining

It is important and sensitive Funding to estimate how much parents are able to afford for their children’s education. Government funding is much lower for non-governmental schools that have well-off parents. The school’s socio-economic score or SES is one element of the way government estimates it. This was review recently by the National School Resourcing […]

Catholic Primary School Afford To Pay

The first major primary decision Dan Tehan made as federal education minister was to make a deal for Catholic schools and independent schools. The pieces were in place from a policy standpoint. Simon Birmingham, Tehan’s predecessor had made it possible for all schools to be funded in a consistent manner. The National Schools Resourcing Board, […]

Pope Gives Hope To Anglo-Catholics

Benedict XVI stated in his first message as Pope that the imperative duty of the successor to Peter was to rebuild the complete and visible unity among all Christ’s disciples. Concrete gestures which enter hearts and stir consciences are essential to inspiring within everyone that inner transformation that is the prerequisite of all ecumenical advancement. […]